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A 2020 Election Thought Experiment – Part 1

It’s the evening of November 3, 2020.

It’s been a campaign like no other.

Unprecedented amounts of money spent. Unthinkable accusations made. Fear and anxiety are palpable.

Donald Trump has spent the last several months hammering home that the system – media, liberal politicians, and the voting system itself – is so corrupt that it can’t be trusted. The whole thing is rigged. Mail in ballots are rife with fraud. Computer voting systems can easily be tampered with for evil purposes.

In the previous week he has urged his supporters to show up at the polls and give him a “tremendous victory!”

After a record turnout of would-be voters, thousands, if not millions, tried to vote but couldn’t because local precincts couldn’t handle the volume. COVID hasn’t helped. The mayhem is all over social media.

As November 3rd transitions to November 4th, the results appear clear. Joseph Biden has won a decisive majority in the electoral college.

Early in the morning of November 4th Mr. Biden makes a speech declaring victory, pledging to heal America.

But the Trump surrogates are in full battle mode.

“It’s plain to see that this election is deeply flawed.”

“The American people deserve better than this.”

“The voting irregularities are unprecedented, and frankly, scary.”

Late in the morning of November 4th, Mr. Trump makes a speech from the Oval Office.

From the outset, it’s clear that this is an uncharacteristic address. In a calm, monotone voice, he reads a carefully written script. No ad-libbing. Written by attorneys.

“As a country, we’ve just experienced a historic election. Record numbers of people voted. Record numbers of people were turned away at the polls. There are reports of widespread fraud at both polling places and in the counting of mail-in ballots. There are also indications that computerized voting systems across the country have failed or been compromised.”

“Elections are sacred in this country, and Americans deserve to know that whoever occupies this office achieved it through a fair and proper election. This election was neither. The results cannot be trusted or accepted.”

“Under the power granted to Presidents under the National Emergencies Act, I hereby declare a national emergency.”

“In the coming days this administration will be meeting with legislative leaders to determine next steps to resolve this national crisis.”

“Until such time that a free and fair election takes place, I will continue to lead this great country.”

“Thank you, and God bless the United States of America.”

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