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Donald the Destroyer

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

President Donald Trump likes to think of himself as a doer. Someone who gets things done that no one else has the cojones to accomplish.

As a leader who has a lot of power, one way to get a lot “done” is to wildly swing a wrecking ball, destroying things that took a long time to build.

Here is a short list of things he has damaged or flat-out demolished:

The military

  • Bounties on American service members that have gone unchallenged

  • Attempting to use the military to stop domestic protests

  • Rewarding military criminals (Edward Gallagher), while punishing patriots (Alexander Vindman)

The intelligence community

  • Continually attacking our own intelligence agencies and reports

  • Believing our enemies more than career experts with stellar reputations

Environmental protections

  • “Draining the swamp” by weakening environmental regulations, lining the pockets of wealthy donors

Faith in the election system

  • Attempting to bring the USPS to its knees to be able to question the results of mail-in ballots

  • Spreading false claims about election fraud

International peace treaties

  • Pulling out of the Iran Peace Treaty, leaving Iran to go on its merry way enriching uranium

  • Abandoning the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the Open Skies Treaty

America’s standing as a beacon of freedom

  • Giving cover to dictators by acting like one himself

  • Abandoning our friends, who Russia and China are eager to befriend

The dignity of the office of President

  • Mocking the disabled

  • Name calling

  • Endless, verifiable, compulsive lying

You could legitimately make the case that a President has a responsibility to get rid of things that are harmful to the American people, in the interest of making this a stronger country. But Trump’s penchant for destroying things is clearly driven by one thing: what’s best for me and my control of power.

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